Old News

Sunday May 1st
3 New flavors for all of you chocolate lovers at Pesso’s!
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Creamy chocolate ice with chocolate & White chocolate covered pretzels!
Nutella Creamy Ice, Need I say more?
Fudge Brownie Creamy chocolate fudge ice with Brownie chunks & Dark chocolate chunks!

Tuesday March 8th

Our Gelato season begins tomorrow, Wednesday March 9th!
Come in for FREE samples of our tried and true flavors,
and our NEW Banana and Pear Gelatos

February 2011

We have just added two new flavors to our selection:
Red Velvet Creamy Ice and Mocha Fudge Almond Ice Cream!
Come in and ask for a taste!

The great Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream is back!

June 4, 2010

The official start of the Summer is quickly approaching and here at Pesso’s we are getting ready and excited!

To prepare for this we have created a new batch of amazing flavors for this season.
They are:

Italian Ices:
Limoncello – Based on the classic Italian Lemon Liqueur, this Italian Ice will blow you away
Mojito – Inspired by the cool, refreshing, minty beverage
Red Orange – Enjoy the summer with a great Ice version of a blood orange
Sour Watermelon – For the adventurous, a sour take on our classic Watermelon Ice

Cream Ices:
Hazelnut – You can now enjoy the creamy sweetness of Hazelnuts in a delicious Cream Ice

Ice Cream:
Chocolate Cake Batter – Just like licking the batter out of the bowl from your favorite Homemade Chocolate Cake

March 18 2010

Spring is Here!
Most of our Summer flavors are back, and we have been extra working hard to make all of the great Pesso’s flavors you enjoy.Check These Out:
Iced Tea, Green Tea, Peach, Red Raspberry, Green Apple, Root Beer, Mint Chip Cream, Canoli, Grape, Guava, Blueberry, Strawberry, Pink LemonadeWe are also working on a few NEW flavors, so keep coming back to see what we have come up with

We are always open to new flavor ideas.
Please feel free to let me know what you would like to see and taste at Pesso’s

Look for our great coupons as part our add in the Queens Courier!

Remember to ask for our Punch Card:
Buy 9 get a Small FREE
Italian Ice, Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt

February 19 2010

Vanilla Cream Cream Ice – A wonderful rich and creamy Vanilla Cream Ice that tastes just like Ice Cream. Non Dairy of course!

Lemon / Lime and Strawberry Daiquiri are back and every one is So Happy!

January 21, 2010

NEW Cotton Candy Ice Cream, A must try!

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