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Pesso’s Ices has been family owned in Bayside, Queens, NY since 2004.
Our Italian Ices, Ice Cream and Gelato are all made on the premises by members of the Pesso family.

Pesso’s Italian Ices
203-20 35th Ave
Bayside, NY 11361

We use the best ingredients we can find and make everything in small batches. With over 100 flavors, everyone is sure to find a favorite. We also carry delicious no fat and sugar free desserts.

Pesso’s Italian Ices is Open All Year no matter the weather. Come in and sit at the stools by the counter, or enjoy our delicious desserts from our outdoor tables and chairs.

Our friendly atmosphere has made Pesso’s a popular neighborhood landmark, and a destination for dessert lovers all around New York City. We’ve been voted the best ice cream in Queens year after year.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do you get your Ice Cream from?
A: When we say Homemade, we mean it! We make all of our Ice Cream, Italian Ices, and Gelato ourselves, right in the back of our store.

Q: What’s in this?
A: We use as much of the real stuff as possible for all of our flavors. There are real Strawberries and slices of Cheesecake in our Strawberry Cheesecake, real Cannoli Cream and Shells in the Cannoli Gelato, and real Bordeaux Cherries in the Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream.

Q: What is Italian Ice?
A: Similar to Sorbet or Granita, traditional Italian Ice or Water Ice is a sweet water-based dessert from Italy. The flavors are mostly fruity, but we make ours in a wide variety of sweet and delicious flavors. Check out our Menu for a taste of what we make!

Q: What’s the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream?
A: Gelato is the Italian version of Ice Cream. Gelato has less fat than regular Ice Cream. A lot of the ingredients for our Gelato is imported from Italy. Gelato is richer, creamier, and the flavors are more intense than traditional Ice Cream.

Q: What is Spumoni?
A: Spumoni is a traditional Italian Dessert with Three Flavors: Chocolate, Pistachio, and Cassada which is Candied Fruit.

Q: Can I mix flavors?
A: Of course! You can absolutely get scoops of different flavors in the same cup!

Q: Can I get 2 Flavors in One Scoop?
A: Unfortunately not, you can only get 1 Flavor in each scoop.

Q: How many people does a Pint serve?
A: There are around 5 Scoops in a Pint.

Q: Can I buy a whole tub?
A: We appreciate that you love our dessert that much, but unfortunately because we make everything ourselves in small batches, we can’t sell our tubs. It’s a challenge just making enough to sell in scoops! You can absolutely get a few pints though!

Q: How many Calories, Grams of Fat/Sugar/Carbs/Protein are in this Ice Cream?
A: We make everything ourselves, so unfortunately we don’t have the nutritional information. But we do have Sugar Free Italian Ices, and our Gelato has less fat than our regular Ice Cream.

Q: When do you close up shop for the Winter and re-open in the Spring?
A: We don’t! We might take some family time off for a little bit around the Holidays, but otherwise we are Open All Year! Plenty of people still love eating Ice Cream in the Winter!

Q: Do you sell Gift Cards?
A: Yes, you can buy a Pesso’s Gift Card online or in our store! We even have eGift Cards! The minimum is $10.

Q: Can I combine my Punch Cards?
A: Of course! Bring in as many of your old Paper Punch Cards as you can find, and we will combine them all so you can get your reward faster! And when you’re all done with those, switch over to our new Digital Punch Cards, so you never lose a card or reward!

Q: Are you hiring?
A: Yes! We are always looking for new enthusiastic and friendly employees of all ages, all year round! Check out what positions we are hiring right now.

Q: I am going in for a medical procedure, what foods can I eat before a colonoscopy or endoscopy?
A: Your best bet is Lemon Italian Ice! It’s clear and incredibly delicious and refreshing!

Q: I have a food allergy, what Ice Cream can I eat at Pesso’s?
A: We make everything ourselves right in the back of our store, using the same equipment for all of our flavors, and while we do our very best to prevent cross-contamination, unfortunately nothing we make is completely safe for people with food allergies.

Q: I am interested in holding a Fundraiser at Pesso’s, how can I set one up?
A: We love fundraisers and helping the community! Please email us at pessosices@gmail.com with more information and we’ll go from there!

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