Sundaes, Shakes & More

Cookie Jar Sundae


Choose any Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt flavor topped off with Hot Fudge, Whipped Cream and a Cherry, or substitute your own topping combination.
Also try our 4 Signature Sundaes which are packed high with amazing topping combinations.


Milkshake & Malted

Our Milkshakes and Malteds have become famous for their thick texture and delicious flavor.  Choose any flavor of Ice Cream, or go for a Frozen Yogurt flavor and Fat Free Milk for one of our Guilt-Free Milkshakes.
We also have 4 Signature Shakes with fantastic flavor combinations and toppings mixed in.


Ice Shake

Pick your favorite Italian Ice flavor or a combination, and we will blend it up into a fantastic and refreshing Ice Shake.
Try our 4 Signature Ice Shakes, or make your own.



Gelati is a layers of Italian Ices and Frozen Yogurt in one cup, in your choice of flavors.


Float & Ice Cream Soda

A Float is your favorite Ice Cream gently resting on top of your choice of soda.
An Ice Cream Soda is your favorite Ice Cream floating on flavored Seltzer.
Both of these come topped with whipped cream.

Egg Cream

An Egg Cream is a frothy mixture of seltzer, and either Vanilla or Chocolate milk. This classic Ice Cream Parlor treat is perfected at Pesso’s.

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Italian Ices & Creamy Ices

Ice Cream


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