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Flavors may be limited in the Fall & Winter 

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Our Italian Ices, Ice Cream, and Gelato are all made fresh in small batches, right in the back of our store, by members of the Pesso Family

Come in and taste as many flavors as you’d like!



Italian Ices

Our classic Italian Ice flavors, with a rich and smooth texture, are sure to bring you back to your childhood. We have perfected the classic flavors like a traditional Lemon ice and Rainbow italian ice. You can also try some of our newer flavors for a modern twist on the traditional Italian Ice, like Mango and Sour Apple. We also have delicious Sugar-Free Italian ice flavors.

We make our Creamy Ices with a non-dairy creamer and a special process to achieve a richer taste and texture as a step up from traditional Italian Ices.

All of our italian ices are made right in our store in Queens, New York.


Ice Cream

Our rich and creamy homemade ice cream is made in small batches right in the back of our store in NYC. Be sure to taste our new flavors as well as the classics like Coffee Ice Cream. We also have delicious seasonal ice cream flavors like Pumpkin Pie.



Gelato is the Italian version of Ice Cream. Ingredients are imported from Italy, creating an incredibly flavorful treat which rivals that from the streets of Venice. Some of our most popular flavors are our classic Hazelnut and Pistachio gelato, but our new flavors like Salted Caramel Gelato have become extremely popular too.

We make our Gelato in small batches in our store in Bayside, New York, switching out flavors as we craft new ones.

Cookie Jar Sundae


Make your own Sundae by choosing any Ice Cream flavor topped off with Whipped Cream and a Cherry, and any 2 toppings.
Also try our Signature Sundaes which are packed high with amazing Ice Cream topping combinations.


Milkshake & Malted

Our thick Milkshakes and Malteds are popular all year across Queens. Choose any flavor of Ice Cream or Gelato, and enjoy a rich treat.
We also have Signature Shakes with fantastic flavor combinations and toppings mixed in.


Ice Shake

Pick your favorite Italian Ice flavor or two, and we will blend it up into a fantastic and refreshing Ice Shake. It’s like a cross between a slushie and a smoothie, in any flavor you want.
Try our Signature Ice Shakes, or make your own.

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