Italian Ice


Italian Ices

Our classic Italian Ice flavors, with a rich and smooth texture, are sure to bring you back to your childhood. We have perfected the classic flavors like a traditional Lemon ice and Rainbow italian ice. You can also try some of our newer flavors for a modern twist on the traditional Italian Ice, like Mango and Sour Apple. We also have delicious Sugar-Free Italian ice flavors.

We make our Creamy Ices with a non-dairy creamer and a special process to achieve a richer taste and texture as a step up from traditional Italian Ices.

A few flavors do have some dairy, such as our Cannoli ice with real cannoli cream, or our Strawberry Cheesecake Creamy Ice with real pieces of cheesecake, but in general our Creamy Ices do not contain a cream or dairy base.

All of our italian ices are made right in our store in Queens, New York.

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